Panthera Private Office. The independent multi-family office for today’s wealth creators. Panthera monitors, structures and protects all assets for both the founder and future generations.

Creating significant wealth often brings great responsibility and complexity into your life. Panthera supports families by comprehensively auditing assets and delivering meaningful real time reporting. Armed with this visibility, Panthera makes proactive recommendations to manage your wealth towards defined family goals.

Our Hallmarks


Panthera is fiercely independent and has no internal funds or products to sell. We take great pride in always acting with our clients’ best interests at heart.


Panthera delivers clarity by engaging a client with a simple annual fee - nothing else. Our reporting delivers a clear picture of the current position and demands transparency from all third parties. We believe clarity need never be lost within complexity.

Oak Tree

Great wealth brings privilege and pressure for the next generations. Panthera helps clients find prosperity beyond their wealth through careful intergenerational planning. We strive to prepare our clients’ children for the ultimate transition of wealth.

The Panthera Way

Consolidated Reporting

Consolidated reporting via our APP, on paper or face to face gives you the full picture of all your assets.

Independent Investment Advice

Independent investment advice enables Panthera to contract with any provider or manager on your behalf.

Proactive Wealth Structuring

Proactive wealth structuring keeps your assets under constant review and seeks to optimise future planning opportunities.

Asset Performance Tracking

Asset performance tracking helps delineate which investments really perform best for you.

Intergenerational Planning

Intergenerational planning assists you in drafting a family charter and provides a trusted adviser to memorialise your estate at the most difficult of times.

Investment Screening

Investment screening exists to protect your time and privacy. Sometimes its equally important to advise you what not to invest in.

Family protection

Family protection is the serious business of introducing the best providers of international healthcare, media management, cyber and personal security.

Data Vault

Data vault holds every document for each deal, meticulously filed and instantly retrievable.

Experience is
the new wealth

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